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City Broadband

City Broadband is a broadband service provider and more. Unlike other providers, City Broadband is not just

offering broadband access. In fact, City Broadband's broadband access solutions serve as the ultimate platform

for a range of performance-enhancing solutions designed for the business market. For instance, enterprises will be

able to take advantage of powerful solutions including Managed Router Service, Managed Firewall Service, VPN Service,

wireless local LAN, and a range of other services designed to meet their increasing communication demands. Unlike other

service providers, City Broadband connects to the internet through several of Malaysia's leading ISPs, thus ensuring maximum

reliability and superior performance

Why is City Broadband's service better than ADSL?

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It is a technology that transforms ordinary phone lines into high-speed

digital lines for internet access. ADSL provides for asymmetric connection to the internet, in other words the speed for the

uplink and the downlink are different. Thus for business customers needing to use the internet connection for high volume file transfers,

data sharing or other applications that require high throughput, their performance will be affected. City Broadband's solution is based on

the delivery of the broadband access over Ethernet, thus ensuring that the connection is symmetrical (same speed up and down) and that there is

plenty of bandwidth all the way to your location to provide the best possible broadband connection speeds and reliable service.

What is the difference between City Broadband Corporate and City Broadband Corporate Gold?

City Broadband Corporate is for customers and organizations that require high bandwidth (1 Mbps onwards), high performance, reliable internet access

in one economical package. City Broadband Corporate Gold provides additional quality of service and traffic priority for customers who need the internet

as a core business tool, and whose performance and throughput demands are in excess of most traditional businesses.